Women are the fastest growing segment cannabis consumers in America. But, millions have yet to try it because of the prevailing stoner stereotypes. To help rebrand cannabis consumption for women, The WeedHead created Bud & Bougie, a series of female-friendly mixers aimed at those seeking opportunities to consume in comfort and style.

The WeedHead Presents Bud and Bougie

The inaugural event took place in Denver Colorado at an exclusive location. The Bud & Bougie Brunch took the concept of ‘high tea’ to new levels. The Dank Duchess, a world-renowned hashish maker, and cultivator served as hostess. She enlightened the lovely attendees on the proper way to dab, and gave them the opportunity to experience the process. The whole brunch was rocking with her O-Os, a specialty jumbo joint made with 6-9 grams of flower and hashish. This took the guest to new heights in cannabis culture.

The Dank Duchess Hosting Bud and Bougie


Bud & Bougie Brunch was extra special because The WeedHead celebrated her birthday. This extravaganza had some major cannabis influencers in attendance including Jayn Green, Jake and Nelson CannaCultural Association, Sister Synergy, Leo Bridgewater, Caroline Phillips founder of National Cannabis Festival, and Rani Soto. In true brunch fashion, they had a bud bar from Top Self Budtending Andrew Mieure. The scrumptious buffet made sure attendees with the munchies ate their fill. The delicious food, catered by MJM Strategy’s Aunt Latifah rounded out the afternoon’s delight..

Cannabis culture has taken a dramatic shift as the industry’s consumer starts to change. Make sure you don’t miss the action— subscribe below to find out where Bud & Bougie will be next.




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