Why Your Cannabis Business Is Failing & How You Can Fix It

(Originally published on GreenEntrepreneur.com October 27, 2017 )

When it comes to cannabis, most entrepreneurs have a major benefit — it’s an easy sale. If you grow it (then trim it, process it and market it) they will come.

With the ever-expanding cannabis industry comes the proliferation of vendors and subsequently, competition. This problem prompts the question, “What can I do to make my bud business stand out?”

Dasheeda Dawson – The WeedHead™, the founder, CEO & president of cannabis strategy firm MJM Strategy, shares her best tips in this video for how your company can sell some green and make some green.

Interviewed by Conrad Martin, ENTREPRENEUR STAFF, Network Editor at Entrepreneur.com

(Originally published on GreenEntrepreneur.com October 27, 2017 )

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